When we think about gardening, we picture rotor-tilling, fertilizing, planting rows of seeds, weeding, and watering. Getting on our knees throughout the season pulling weeds or continually turning the soil over around the plants is a necessity to keep a vibrant garden. We are also faced with varieties of bugs…

Hey, please sign me up as a writer on Feedium. This will be fun. I need the motivation to write more. Medium is a lot more than I thought it was. From Chia pets to flying objects to sexy pickles, Unsplash makes this place even more amazing. Gibberish ? Never! @cindykwrites Thanks!

Do I Need an Attorney?

Drivers struggle to decide whether to call an attorney when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. They sometimes wait until they receive a court summons or a denial from their insurance company. They often make their decisions based on the type of accident they have.

Types of Accidents

Minor Accidents

Most motor vehicle…

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